Sonarc offers vast improvements over the current century-old speaker cone designs. Our patent-pending technology is scalable, from small mobile devices to concert hall speakers. The current demonstrator is targeted at the home audio market, where we believe our speaker technology advantages are immediately appreciated.

Louder: that’s more room-filling sound from a much smaller form factor.

The Sonarc prototype achieves greater sound volume per unit area (up to four times louder) than current speaker technology.  Where a normal speaker can only move air a few millimetres, Sonarc can accelerate air a lot further, creating much higher sound pressure from a smaller size.

Improved clarity: producing music exactly as it was intended to be heard.

A speaker cone is a physical object subject to inertia and momentum. This cone continues to vibrate after receiving the initial sound pulse, causing muddiness and distortion in music.

The sound produced via traditional speaker cones are subject to harmonic distortions, high-end speakers will perform better, but are still hampered by the underlying physics of their design.

  • Cone movement is non-linear, particularly near the end of the range of motion, particularly noticeable at louder volumes.
  • The cone design cannot be perfectly rigid, its flexibility causes additional vibrations which add non-harmonic content to the music.

Full audio spectrum: deep bass, rich-bodied mid-tones, and crystal high notes.

Small speaker drivers cannot produce low or deep notes, large drivers cannot produce high and delicate notes. To address this, hi-fi speaker arrangements often have multiple drivers: subwoofer, woofer, mid-range, and tweeters. This adds further complexity, cost, and size to the system.

Sonarc does away with compromise, one driver delivers all audio from 20Hz to 22,000Hz.

Scalable Technology

Concept IC

Presently, small consumer mobile devices cannot produce loud sounds because of the limited range of motion of the speaker diaphragm. Good bass is impossible to achieve from a small speaker and is particularly noticeable when you play music on a laptop, mobile or tablet device. A Sonarc driver at the scale of a small electronic IC chip will provide a louder and fuller audio spectrum response.