We have created the world’s first full audio range speaker with no moving parts, where other speakers use a diaphragm to push air, Sonarc electrically charges the air, creating a plasma which is then accurately controlled to create sound.

We have come a long way in the development of our technology to where it is today, based on over 2 years of research, Sonarc’s technology combines novel methods for creating and controlling atmospheric plasma to create the world’s first commercially viable speaker with no moving parts.

The Sonarc prototype is louder per unit area (up to four times louder) that current speaker technology. Where a normal speaker can only move air a few mm, sonarc can accelerate air a lot further, creating much higher sound pressure from a smaller size. Because it has no moving parts, when a note stops playing there are no additional vibrations or after effects. This means it can create sound with clarity and purity.

Sonarc is small, the current prototype has a working area approximately half the size of a stick of gum. It can also grow to pretty much any size, enabling both a large concert sized speakers a tiny mobile speakers.